Who are We?

Who are We?

For today, I will tell you about myself. As our community grows, we will you tell about each one of us that is, “We the People”.

Preceding my days as a Libertarian, I was caught between a rock, and a hard place. Those places being the “right” and the “left” of prevailing political rhetoric.  It was not until the similarities between this “rock” and “hard place” were so numerous that I felt, there must not be any hope for this Nation.

That was until I discovered Ron Paul; In spite of all the efforts of the mainstream media to keep his ideas away from all of us.

Liberty is a powerful idea and has held this country together from it’s founding, but it is under seige. The people are stuck between the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ and don’t know that from there, they can go up.

I founded this blog to discuss the politics of Liberty, to hear all sides of the debate, and to form a more Humane Condition to spread around the world. One website at a time.

Next up, it’s your job, Follow the blog and tell me about you, so we can tell them about US.

Adam Alcorn

Founder, theHumaneCondition.com.

Member Introductions:

Contributor Will Shanahan is currently studying History and English at Manhattan College.  He is an unapologetic capitalist and believes there is nothing of value that the state provides that voluntary markets could not provide more efficiently.

Contributor Skyler J. Collins is a voluntaryist and a radical unschooler. He is the editor of Everything-Voluntary.com and sells large print libertarian and economics books at LargePrintLiberty.com. His personal website can be found at skylerjcollins.com.

We have WDCarslon who says: I am a Ron Paul supporter as well and have been working to spread the message of liberty for a long time. Keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Who are We?

  1. Happy to discover your site. I am a Ron Paul supporter as well and have been working to spread the message of liberty for a long time. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much! I have been on an extended hiatus throughout the summer semesters, but I am back. I will add you to the Who Are We section and look forward to new articles at least twice a week.

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