Keeping an Eye on Creeping Statism…

Puppet Show of the Day ACT 1.OH MY GOD THEY KNEW! And not only did they lie to us, but they didn’t immediately invade Lybia! The outrage! What, you mean someone suggested that? Oh of course the NeoCons Did! @RushLimbaugh is lamenting over the fact we did not take full advantage of our military assets during the attack. So quick to the fight are these politicians, it’s almost like someone has bought them off…Nah!

Rush couldn’t even stand the idea of engaging in a simple act of diplomacy with Iran.

Random ACT of Freedom 1. – The Hilton Hotel in Chicago, the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, Russia Today, Larry King, and the candidates Dr. Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil “Creepy” Goode, and Governor Gary Johnson all deserve our thanks and appreciation for making the first ever Third Party Debate possible. I have to say that Anderson and Stein might possible do more harm than good to the Libertarian cause, they really look stupid. Johnson and Goode make goode points about what we cannot afford, and what they would not promise. This is absolutely worth the time to watch.

Refreshing Bit of Honesty 1. – Gary Johnson’s AMA has been organized and settled down since it occurred last month. I can’t help but enjoy the level of honesty and clarity that comes with an authentic belief in your political positions. Read the whole Q & A here.

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