Power and Market, Chapter 1 Section 2

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Power and Market Power and Market

“Let us, then examine in a little more detail what a free-market defense system might look like.”

Having demonstrated the failures of the governmental (monopolistic) defense forces we call the Justice System, Rothbard follows through with the task of proposing an alternative. I will simply restate the disclaimer that Rothbard provided, he said

“It is, we must realize, impossible to blueprint the exact institutional conditions of any market in advance, just as it would have been impossible 50 years ago to predict the exact structure of the television industry today. However, we can postulate some of the workings of a freely competitive, marketable system of police and judicial services.”

And that is exactly what the remainder of Chapter 1 is about.

Rothbard believes the most likely defense and judicial services would be provided on an “advance subscription basis” with police able to respond immediately. In the way…

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