Power and Market, Chapter 1 Section 1

Give Me Liberty

Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market

My goal here is to condense Power and Market into a series of short posts that allows you all to absorb the valuable information it contains, in a time saving manner, and to produce an archive for future readers. As always, I’m open to suggestions and insights!

– Adam Alcorn

Chapter 1, Part 1 of 2. Power and Market by Murray Rothbard

If I had to guess the way in which Rothbard would have begun his analysis of power and market, I would guess something along the lines of a chapter entitles “Defense Services on the Free Market,” and we would have been right. So here it goes.

Intro to the Intro…

Fittingly, Rothbard begins by exposing mainstream economists as negligent in their slighting of the “deeper implications” of the free market economy as would exist in a truly free economy. Mainstream economists have refused to do so, according to…

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