Christ’s Mad Vicar: The Hilarious Pope Francis

I’ve been avoiding nearly all news media recently. Two days ago I made the decision to check out what was going on. The previous couple days have been a nauseating venture back into the hypocritical, irrational, and psychopathic political climate we live in. This experience was disheartening.

I will be brief so as not to limit the amount of people that I may unintentionally offend.

1.       1. So apparently the donkeys have been claiming that the Pope (@pontifex)* is also a donkey because he spouted some poorly veiled meaningless socialist propaganda as some kind of official Super Church doctrine that was best summed up by the twitter user @TakingHayekSeriously. Take a look at has timeline and learn more than I can tell you about the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation. Oh but it gets better.

2.       2. Sometime after the Pope’s Exhortation he comes back at the media with a moral appeal to the sins of abortion. This should not come as news to the average human being that can read. But it was actually touted in the mainstream media as a “nod to Conservatives”… It was not a nod to conservatives. It was the Pope brilliantly reminding people that he is actually Catholic at a time that made for uncanny irony.

3.      3. Conspiracy Theory: This pope has a fine sense of humor.Pope Francis

4.       4. Conclusion to these developments: The DNC and RNC are actually competing to schedule the Pope at the next National Convention, and the Pope is totally playing them. I sincerely hope that this is the case. There is nothing better than watching politicians embarrass themselves.

*Apparently the fucking pope has twitter. Check it out.

I don’t really know what I think of the Pope. I do know what I think of the news, politics, communists, and voting. A disaster.

Adam Alcorn, @AdamBlacksburg

Founder, Editor of the Humane Condition


2 thoughts on “Christ’s Mad Vicar: The Hilarious Pope Francis

  1. I appreciate the Pope’s humility, openmindedness and concern for the poor. Can you believe he was once a nightclub bouncer? He gives me hope that one day people in power will see through the statist institutions, but for the meanwhile I can only cringe when he makes statements about formal institutions and their ability to alleviate povery.

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