The Real America: Executive Power, Foreign Policy, and a Domestic Police State.

***This article was inspired by a conversation among friends and family during a recent gathering. Naturally, the conversation geared towards political matters, and while there was some early disagreement, the majority of our grievances regarding recent political events were commonly held. The group consisted largely of conservative leaning folks, all of us sharing an anti-Obama sentiment. Despite these areas of agreement, the nature of the discussion quickly became one of serious and passionate disagreements. In my opinion the majority of these disagreements stemmed from a wide divergence in the information each individual relies upon to understand current events around the world. I intend in this article to present my understanding of the real issues that should concern free individuals in the world today. Perhaps this will allow myself, my family and friends come to an agreement, and hopefully it will help many others fully grasp the threats to individual liberty and freedom that we are all facing. ***

The Emperor Has Political Body Armor

                The IRS has been caught with their pants down targeting enemies of President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee with unlawful scrutiny. In this process the IRS successfully delayed the approval of tax-exempt status to groups that associated with the American Right. By effectively using illegitimate Executive powers to silence his opposition, he was further enabled to win reelection. As Ron Paul pointed out, it really isn’t surprising that the IRS is so often used as a political tool, considering the amount of power given to the tax collectors. “…The power to tax involves the power to destroy…” – Chief Justice John Marshall wrote in the McCulloch v. Maryland decision1, and Chicago politics has always been about destroying the opposition. This administration has shown it is willing to trample the sacred First Amendment rights recognized in the Constitution for power. Former Federal Judge Andrew Napolitano brilliantly describes the nature of libido dominandi, or the lust for power in this conclusion to his book.

                The Associated Press and Fox News “reporter” James Rosen were spied on by the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Documents were seized, phones were tapped, and families were scrutinized. This direct attack on the freedom of the press was accomplished also through illegitimate Executive power. It was Thomas Jefferson who said “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”2, and the Obama administration understands what he meant. The intimidation created by the release of this news alone stifles the freedom of the Press in immeasurable ways. We may never know who, in the future may refuse to report something based on fear of potential prosecution. We can no longer tell ourselves that we have a ‘Free Press’. Not only has the mainstream media consisted of big government Leftists for as long as I can remember, but now the Obama administration is targeting the freedom of those who threaten his political power. A bought-off press may still be free and biased, but an intimidated and prosecuted press is toothless.

Foreign Policy

                Does it seem odd to you that the only thing congressional leaders from the Democrat and Republican parties can agree on is foreign policy? Typically bipartisan policies are those that the majority of the voting public support. That is absolutely not the case in this instance. Barack Obama was elected on several failed promises, but let us recall only a few. First and most glaring was him promise to close Guantanamo Bay prison camp, and he possesses the sole power to do so. Five years into his presidency we have learned in spite of a mainstream media blackout, there has been a hunger strike ongoing for over one hundred days. The Miami Herald has done great work in tracking the hunger strike (as of today, 5/29/13, there are a total of 103 hunger strikers, 7 have been hospitalized, and 35 have been forcibly kept alive via feeding tube), and Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian has written extensively about the illegal detainment that the U.S. government imposes without filing charges or providing anything remotely recognizable to due process.

Obama’s responsibility for the Guantánamo disgrace extends… More than half of the remaining 166 detainees at the camp are Yemeni. Dozens of those Yemenis (along with dozens of other detainees) have long ago been cleared for release by the US government on the ground that there is no evidence to believe they are a threat to anyone. A total of 87 of the remaining detainees – roughly half – have been cleared for release, of which 58 are Yemeni. Not even the US government at this point claims they are guilty or pose a threat to anyone.”- Glenn Greenwald (3)

Campaigning Barack Obama also promised to bring the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to an end as soon as possible. Instead he endorsed General David Petraeus’ “Surge” in Afghanistan while continuing to fuel a civil war in Iraq. President Obama has expanded the Drone Assassination program to encompass nearly all of the Middle East and North Africa. To read more about the specific assassination of a 16 year old American citizen who has still not been accused of any wrongdoing or suspicions thereof, click here. It has also been reported by the New York Times that Obama uses a “kill list” to help his team of national security advisors decide who to illegally and immorally assassinate without due process via Drone strike. The Obama administration has also redefined “enemy combatant” to mean any military aged male killed by the strike. Tom Engelhardt, co-founder of the American Empire Project and author of several books regarding American foreign policy, wrote that “In less than three years under President Obama, the U.S. has launched drone strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.  It maintains that it has carte blanche to kill suspected enemies in any nation.” 4 This is obviously very disturbing to any of us familiar with the blowback that can be expected from this foreign interventionism, but it gets worse. After several months of refusing to acknowledge the assassination by drone of the above mentioned 16 year old American citizen, someone from the Dept. of Justice leaked what came to be known as the “DOJ White Paper”. In reviewing this document, Constitutional lawyer and author John Whitehead wrote the following:

As president, Obama has gone beyond Guantanamo Bay, gone beyond spying on Americans’ emails and phone calls, and gone beyond bombing countries without Congressional authorization. He now claims, as revealed in a leaked Department of Justice memo, the right to murder any American citizen the world over, so long as he has a feeling that they might, at some point in the future, pose a threat to the United States.

Let that sink in. The President of the United States of America believes he has the absolute right to kill you based upon secret “evidence” that you might be a terrorist. Not only does he think he can kill you, but he believes he has the right to do so in secret, without formally charging you of any crime and providing you with an opportunity to defend yourself in a court of law. To top it all off, the memo asserts that these decisions about whom to kill are not subject to any judicial review whatsoever.” – John W. Whitehead 5

To read more about Obama’s cowardly and morally bankrupt escalation of drone warfare, click here.

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki assassinated via Drone Strike

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki 16 yr. old Assassinated via Drone Strike

Does this foreign policy make us safer? If the answer wasn’t so obvious perhaps a more detailed description of ‘blowback’ would be warranted, but we can attain this obvious answer by looking only at Syria. Most are familiar with the “civil war” in Syria and the political debate in America that is focused on what form of intervention is called for (notice the lack of non-intervention in the debate), but what people are less familiar with was pointed out concisely by the President of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Daniel McAdams:

“Anyone really paying attention to US policy in the Middle East these past several months must be wondering whether Washington has gone insane. US foreign policy under the triple threat of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton has gone to openly supporting what the German intelligence services (echoed in several prominent and panicked mainstream German media sources) have found to be predominantly al-Qaeda-backed terrorist attacks inside Syria. Americans can be forgiven for scratching their heads at the reality that the United States government is actively supporting in Syria what it has spent the last eleven years fighting just a few thousand miles away in Afghanistan”.Daniel McAdams6

As if there was any doubt that the American government would soon make its cooperation with jihadists an overt alliance to topple the anti-Western Assad, Senator John McCain made a trip to visit with the al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria on Memorial Day.7 There is no doubt he was assuring American weaponry at the very minimum. It is very telling that the only thing these Senators can agree on right now is that arming al-Qaeda is the right thing to do.

                If you remain unconvinced that the actions of our “bipartisan” foreign policy actually make us less safe, than I ask you how will we pay for it? Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is inflating our monetary base to the tune of 85 billion dollars per month8 further debasing the currency and indirectly stealing from savers, investors and entrepreneurs. Levels of taxation only continue to increase, and with the poorly named Affordable Care Act being enacted at this very moment the unfunded liabilities of the Federal Government are utterly unsustainable. Even if the world were full of terrorists that hated us simply for our freedoms (as absurd as that is) it does not justify robbing the wealth of future generations to pay for pre-emptive, offensive acts of war.

Domestic Police State

                It was widely accepted after 9/11 that in order to gain security it becomes necessary to give up “some liberty”. Benjamin Franklin wrote that “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”9 While understanding the full context of this quotation may still be up for debate, it seems clear to me, and the last decade has proven it true in the spirit commonly accepted.

                The Fourth amendment of the United States has served its purpose remarkably well throughout the history of the American Government. Again we will turn to Judge Andrew Napolitano to place this issue in its historical context and explain how this government has stripped away this integral protection of individual liberty:

“After the Founders won the Revolution, the framers wrote the Constitution in large measure to assure that the new government in America would not and could not do to Americans what the king had done to the colonists. Hence the Fourth Amendment’s requirement that only judges issue search warrants and only after the governmental agency seeking the warrants presents evidence under oath of probable cause of crime. Regrettably, that was weakened after 9/11 with the enactment of the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act – written in defiance of the Constitution and in ignorance of our history – permits federal agents to write their own search warrants, just as the king and Parliament had permitted British soldiers to do. Those agent-written search warrants are intended to be limited to the search for evidence of terror plots and are theoretically limited to the seizure of physical records in the custody of third parties, like lawyers, doctors, hospitals, billing clerks, telephone and Internet carriers, and even the Post Office. (Did you know that federal agents can see your mail and your legal and medical records without permission from a judge?) This abominable piece of legislation sacrificed freedom for safety and enhanced neither.” – Judge Andrew Napolitano 10

The Patriot Act was bad, but do not fool yourself into thinking that with the exit of Bush signaled the exit of the Police State. The TSA is in high gear trampling you’re fourth amendment rights. Since the illegal and perverted gropings occur daily, there have been many gross abuses caught on film. Take a few minutes to watch this video and decide for yourself, are these free individuals?

                While the above video is incredibly disturbing because of the sheer number of people whose rights are being violated every day, another incident is disturbing for the opposite reason, the use of illegitimate Executive power to target an individual’s freedom based solely on speech. Adam Kokesh is a well-known libertarian activist. He is a veteran of the Iraq War, working as a Civil Affairs Sargent in Fallujah around 2004. He saw the horrors of war, and he understands war as the health of the State. In recent weeks Kokesh announced his “Open Carry March on Washington”  scheduled for July 4th 2013. In an unrelated political protest at which Kokesh was the keynote speaker, multiple angles of video footage show that he was singled out and targeted for arrest, likely because of his planned demonstration. The original charge he was detained for was “Assault on a Federal Officer” despite the countless video accounts that proved the charges were frivolous. You can see for yourself here:

After a huge outpouring of suppport, protest, phone calls and donations to legal funds Adam Kokesh was released after nearly a week of detention. His charges were reduced to mere citation fines of approximately two hundred dollars. While this story may have had a happy ending, it goes a long way towards revealing the political thuggery that infests every level of government, and especially its enforcement arms.

                And just to be sure I don’t leave out your favorite of Obama’s abuses; Benghazi, Stimulus I & II, Solyndra, recess appointments while Congress was not in recess, failure to produce a budget despite Constitutional obligation, trillion dollar annual deficits, etc… The point is you could go on forever with this guy, he really is a propped up dope that can’t do anything right. Many Americans see and understand this, but the only other obvious choice is a Republican Party that is old, tired, and absolutely lacking a consistent political philosophy, and likely to get us into pointless wars. Barack Obama and the DNC have deftly maneuvered themselves into a place of political dominance that will lead to a system of One Party Rule if nothing is done to stop them.  I am not suggesting that Obama will not relinquish power in 2016; the DNC is too powerful to risk their existence on one man. He will be replaced with more hope, and more change. His sponsors however, will remain in place pulling the same strings that are forcing Obama to dance right now.

Political Action

The ruling “Political Class” has put itself in position to maintain power until the whole thing comes crashing down around all of us.  The Emperor lost his clothes a decade ago and Obama’s hope and change only disguised him for so long. It is corrupt political power that will keep him in office, and the same political power will install the next puppet of the political elite. The Obama administration and all administrations after his will survive purely via political body armor. The will of the people has done little to affect change of policy in recent history, and the government has grown less responsive and more tyrannical.

                We can reverse the trend if we refuse to play the rigged game. It is naïve to think that we can vote the government smaller. We can no longer play by their rules because this is not a game for us. I am not going to pretend to offer a detailed strategy here, but I do wish to express my optimism. Through education, demonstration, and exemplification it is possible for us to throw off the chains of Washington. It is necessary for every freedom loving individual to sacrifice time and energy towards these goals. We must redefine political action outside the paradigm of Left vs. Right, outside of the mainstream media, and outside of the authority of Washington D.C.

               I cannot speak for anyone else, but I’m sick of paying for a parasite class to restrict our freedoms, perpetuate fraudulent wars, and drive our society into economic ruin.

 by Adam Alcorn, Founder/Editor of the Humane Condition, @AdamBlacksburg

As always the author can be reached at

murray-rothbard-enemy-stateDr. Murray N. Rothbard


  1. McCulloch v. Maryland Decision,
  2.  The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Edited by Julian P. Boyd et al. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1950–.
  9.  Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
    US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 – 1790)

One thought on “The Real America: Executive Power, Foreign Policy, and a Domestic Police State.

  1. I think your conclusion is on track “…refuse to play the rigged game.” Sometimes we empower what we focus on. It may be time to quit the rigged game (government change) and focus on social change.

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