My Search For Truth

Written by Skyler J. Collins of

My Search for Truth:

Life continues apace. As much as my kids are learning about their various interests, I’m learning about mine. Unschooling, or life learning, is just that. It doesn’t begin at school-age, and doesn’t end at the onset of adulthood. Learning begins at conception (really) and should continue until your last breath. A phrase I use oft here is “over the last ten years,” and that’s because that time has been well spent, pursuing what’s interested me most, understanding new things, and growing as an individual. I hope to live the rest of my life doing what I’ve been doing that last ten years. It’s been a search for truth. And therein lies both my allegiance and my motivation.


I almost want to say that truth is my religion, or that truth is my god. But I think that might be pushing it. Of course, I would not worship a god or embrace a religion that I did not at the moment believe was true. Right now, that’s Mormonism. I find it incredibly fascinating….

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