The Forgotten Tyrant: Woodrow Wilson

The Forgotten Tyrant: Woodrow Wilson

The Forgotten Tyrant: Woodrow Wilson

The Federal Reserve, World War I, the League of Nations, Conscription, and the Income Tax.

That is a legacy that makes you a Progressive God. It also is the context in which he can be framed as most damaging American tyrant of the  20th century.  The Great Depression, attributable directly to the increased centralization and intervention sponsored by the Glass-Owen Bill (Federal Reserve Act), has been conservatively estimated as the cause of death by starvation for 12 million Americans. These deaths cannot be laid entirely on Wilson of course, but he was hardly an innocent bystander.

In the years leading up to the passage of the Glass-Owen bill, it was a Republican policy. Nelson Aldrich, token representative of the Banking families in the U.S. Senate, sponsored the “Aldrich Plan” and did his best to ram it through congress under the Republican presidency of William Howard Taft. It was due to the ‘Old Right’ Republicans such as Rep. Charles Lindbergh and the boisterous Progressives of the ‘Bull-Moose’ vein criticizing the Aldrich plan that urged its failure to achieve even a vote on the floor. This was the very same plan designed on the now infamous Jekyll Island meeting between Senator Aldrich and representatives from the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the Rockefellers and others.

The plan seemed dead when the Progressives gained ground in the legislature and was accompanied by the election of Woodrow Wilson. This is perhaps the first, best example of how the Left/Right paradigm in America only represents two wings on the same bird of prey.  The “progressive” party of the “common man” picked up right where Aldrich left off. The similarities between the Glass-Owen bill and the Aldrich plan are more numerous than are the differences. Certain blocks of text from the two proposed bills are identical. The Republicans lost their chance to impose the centralization of reserves to their cronies, so Wilson and the Democrats jumped on the opportunity.  Wilson signed the bill into law on 23 December, 1913.

It might be harder to place direct blame on Wilson for the 16th amendment and the establishment of the Federal Income Tax, but he also doesn’t escape without some criticism. It was a Progressive proposal through and through, and it was an attack on the basic principles that America was founded upon. If the government has a right to ANY percentage of your income, based on a majority vote or anything else, then the government is claiming to own you. The Income Tax is bureaucratic slavery. We are still living under the consequences of this claim on our personal sovereignty, and we are losing the fight.

As if we weren’t already sick enough of Woodrow Wilson, lest we not forget the Selective Service Act passed on 18 May, 1917. Perhaps the progressive legislature and President Wilson were not satiated with only bureaucratic slavery. Whatever the real objective of this conscription act, signed into law by Woodrow Wilson himself, we know the outcome. The outcome is real slavery, and legal slavery.

To conclude a disgusting discussion of yet another Progressive God, let us not forget the ill-fated League of Nations. No, it was never ratified in the U.S. thankfully, but it would serve as the holy grail of progressive globalists for years to come. The United Nations is to the League of Nations, what the Aldrich Plan was to the Glass-Owen Bill. A precursor of worse things to come.

Forced economic depression, economic and physical enslavement, and globalist progressivism. That just about sums up Woodrow Wilson, the Forgotten Tyrant.

–          the Humane Condition

This article was written by Adam Alcorn, founder of the Humane Condition, as part of an ongoing series started by contributor Will Shanahan called “The Forgotten Tyrants”. Click here to view his original piece, about FDR.


3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Tyrant: Woodrow Wilson

  1. Not to mention that he dragged us kicking and screaming into WW1 after being re-elected on a slogan of “he kept us out of war!” And the fact that our entrance into the war is what allowed the Entente to negotiate from a position of great power and get what they wanted in the Treaty of Versailles.

    Without our intervention both sides would have needed to negotiate a much more balanced peace or experience a total national collapse. In fact the French Army had a large mutiny in Spring of 1917 and as we all know, the German military experienced a mutiny in October of 1918.

  2. IMHO: Could it be that Wilson was responsible for the great political ills of the 20th Century? If the USA had stayed out of WWI, would not the war in Europe ended in stalemate, no German reparations, no loss of the Kaiser, no Adolf Hitler, no establishment of Communism in Russia? No Stalin? No Cold War? No World War II?

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