Just Another Political Problem…

Elephants and AssesThe “expansion of the base” of the conservative movement led to the creation of the NeoCons. They presented themselves as conservatives and they really thought they were. But they are/were simply a misinformed bunch of socialists that were part of said “expansion” which was really just the absorption of people who never understood the conservative principles, but loved the “conservative” party. Karl Rove really thinks he is Conservative. Why? It is because after Goldwater (AuH2O) took such a landslide loss, the party establishment attempted one of many expansions by rebranding.

This re-branding of America as a right-of-center nation, best represented by the Republican party, might have been politically genius, but it was philosophically terminal. Central Planner-Minded types like Rove gained esteem within the party through these tactics made necessary by politics. Principles, and philosophy have been off the table every since Goldwater lost. It is about to happen again, and honestly who knows what a “Conservative” might profoundly believe in a decade’s time.

People like Chris Christie truly believe that they are conservatives, because the Republican party has attempted to “expand its base” by using big government as a tool for large scale bribery. The Republicans are not alone in this objectionable methodology; they are only the best recent example. But who can forget Bill Clinton explaining that the era of big government was over?

     This is just another problem with politics. Why should we expect anything else? Via democratic means or otherwise, nothing good can ever come out of, or based on politics.


Definition 1: the practice or study of the art and science of forming, directing, and administrating states and other political units.

Definition 2: the complex or aggregate of relationships of people in society, especially those relationships involving authority or power.

The only blame there is for the dilution of the Conservative philosophy must lie on the “art” of politics itself. When human action is “formed”, “directed”, and “administrated” by the relationships of these types of people that seek authority and power, tyranny becomes inevitable. This is a neoconservative tyranny within the Republican party, and it is the necessary result of politics in action.

Ask yourself, is this conservatism? :

     To the moon he says. Oh…and they voluntary and coercive sector are not incompatible he says? Well he’s right, except that is the problem we call fascism, Newt.

In conclusion I would like to simply offer an opinion. Using the traditional political means to advance a philosophical movement might not only be impossible, but even harmful. @joshuamiller79 said on twitter: “I understand pessimism, but I think it’s a huge mistake to quit altogether.”. In my opinion this is also true. It calls on us to be uncompromising in our values and to reject the traditional political means as a method to achieve maximum freedom. We do not have to be abandon the political arena to revolutionize the tactics.

– Adam, the Humane Condition, @AdamBlacksburg

As always feel free to contact the author at thcondition@gmail.com

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