TSA Agents are Pedophiles, and Cops are Assholes.

TSA Agents are pedophiles, and Cops are assholes. I’m sick of excusing the common bad guy by saying he’s only doing his job. Well Goebells was just doing his job. Fugitive slave catchers were only doing their jobs. Executioners are only doing their jobs. Prosecuting attorneys in drug cases are only doing their jobs. If you know a cop or TSA agent, and are thinking to yourself, “they aren’t so bad”, or “they mean well”; you might have to reconsider. How many times in history has State sponsored economic hardship caused people to sacrifice their principles to do the State’s dirty work. It is the ultimate form of extortion, via threatening of one’s own livelihood. If I had to choose between arresting a pot smoker, or going hungry, I would just ask the pot smoker to borrow a couple bucks. Fuck the police, fuck the TSA, do not excuse my language, and do not excuse these psychopaths who get off on an illegitimate hierarchy in which they have bent over enough to gain power over you and I.

3 thoughts on “TSA Agents are Pedophiles, and Cops are Assholes.

  1. As much as I was tempted to just delete this uninformed nonsensical attempt of criticism. I decided I’d just give you the information to see for yourself. “Theft is followed closely by sex crimes and child pornography charges, with 14 such incidents listed in Blackburn’s report. Six TSA employees were charged with possession of child pornography; one of them got caught because he “uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform,” the report notes. Eight others were charged variously with child molestation, rape (including child rape), and even running a prostitution ring.” http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/11774-theft-pedophilia-murder-among-tsa-employees%E2%80%99-crimes

    • “For A New Liberty” – Murray Rothbard. Private security worked until 2002 when Bush decided it didn’t anymore. Oh wait, Bush Did it? It must be bad. Is that what you were thinking? Well just so you know the TSA is also part of the Patriot Act. Didn’t expect you to be standing up for that. Now please just leave if you’re just here to talk shit and not ask any real questions. Please.

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