Why Paul Ryan is the Best, and Worst Pick for the GOP VP Selection

Many conservatives will be enthusiastic to say the least that presumptive Presidential nominee for the Republican party this fall is expected to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate at 9 a.m. Saturday morning. It will be seen as more than just a statement by the GOP’s quadrennial puppet of late, Mitt Romney. It will be seen as a pledge of allegiance to true fiscal responsibility, something blatantly lacking during those “difficult” Bush years.

It will also win the White House for the GOP. Republicans will be happy, as they will win again. Americans on the other hand, will have lost again.

We all know the uproar from the left over the ‘draconian’ cuts proposed by Paul Ryan,  and we also know that those same cuts are dwarfed by the ones proposed by Ron Paul and other libertarians. We also know that Ryan’s cuts are hardly even cuts. Assuming that Ryan would have any influence whatsoever in fiscal policy as set by Congress and the President, what will that mean for us?

It will not, as the Republicans insist, decrease our deficits by substantial amounts, or maybe at all (who knows where our brave men and women will be sent to defend our empire), but it will certainly still be viewed as fiscal restraint. It will perhaps even be coupled with another stimulus resulting in the crash of yet another sub-prime bubble. We’ve seen it all before haven’t we?

Paul Ryan just might win the white house for another Neo-Con charade of Keynesianism. While that is troubling in and of itself, the more troubling scenario is what will happen after it again, fails miserably. Continued decrease of social mobility, resulting in a frustrated middle and lower class. That frustrated middle and lower class is what Keynesianism, and Socialism thrive upon. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. Keynesian economics is socialism in the disguise of capitalism. This promotes reform, and the reform is always in the direction of central banks and regulations.

Is it time to consider the idea that 4 more years of Obama could actually be good for the cause of liberty and economic freedom? What if Obama had four more years to take blame for his policies that will otherwise fail under Republican leadership, and thus Republican responsibility in the eyes of Americans

I have two words for us all:


– in Liberty

Adam A.

3 thoughts on “Why Paul Ryan is the Best, and Worst Pick for the GOP VP Selection

  1. Your last paragraph about letting Obama have 4 more years to take the blame for the doomed to fail ideas of Keynesian is intriguing and something that has actually crossed my mind.

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