Report the R3VOLUTION: If Knowledge is Power, “Citizen-Journalists” Will Arm the Future

Cold, foggy walk to school outside PyongYang

A truly exclusive look at the North Korean People, the Countryside, and the Humanity; Brought to us by Citizen-Journalist Cyrus Kirkpatrick.

I hope many people can see the faces of the people that live in North Korea. They are not members of some sub-human race that our scripted media outlets make them fit into, not with direct words but by an implied narrative. It is not convenient, or easy for many people to reject the force fed ‘truth’ because whatever particular issue, be it North Korea, or any other humanitarian crisis, “there is nothing they can do about it”. Acting on that pretext there is no basis in investigating whatever effects it may have on one’s own life and liberty, because, again, “there’s nothing I can do about it, anyway”. The only way to wake people up is through courageous Journalism, and it’s not exclusive to “journalists”. The “citizen journalist”, most recently exemplified by James O’Keefe III, is going to be the most crucial tool that we have in reforming our current system that employs nothing but congressional feudal lords, loyal only to a truly ‘American Zaibatsu’ or our own corrupted Industrial Complex. I am not an advocate of James O’Keefe’s political philosophy, or even totally aware of it. But I AM an advocate of as many citizen journalists with points of view reaching as far and wide as possible. The best defense against oppression of Liberty, is to return the knowledge and information to the people who are being ‘tread on’.

Thanks so much for your contribution to showing people another view of the world!


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