OPERATION: INFILTRATION: The Future of Liberty is in the GOP

“Sometimes you have to get dirty to clean the place up”

There has been a lot of talk online about the antics of the GOP this past week, especially in Alaska. This naturally coincides with pleas for a 3rd Party run. Not only does talk like that ostracize us even further from the GOP; but we ARE still trying, at the very least encourage them to Audit the Fed and ease up on their foreign policy. What chance of that do we have left if we denounce them to surely lose this November?

What about U.S. Senator Rand Paul and the other Libertarian Republicans in state and National legislatures? They need the system the GOP has put in place. Third parties will never stand a chance until these Liberty minded Republicans can gain positions within the system of power. Third party votes, as “protest” votes, go unnoticed. It is like a secret, silent protest, not the best way to be heard.

I understand that I, and probably all of you have never even considered being a Romney voter in November. After discussing this with many Libertarians, I would say that over 50% say that if Ron Paul does not win the nomination, they would vote Gary Johnson in November. You all know how I feel about 3rd party votes in this current system. (I say this not in criticism of GJ, as he would be a far better president than either the Mitt-head, or the Obamanation).

I do agree with the fact that not much has changed since Bush left, but the Five something Trillion he pissed away with TARP, MEDICARE PART D, etc… seemed like a lot in the 2008 campaign when Obama called him “downright unpatriotic” for doing just that. However, if you separate the shared FY’09 between what Bush proposed, versus what Obama proposed, not only is Obama on pace to double what Bush added to the public deficit, he already HAS! The right-wing media refuses to “Blame Bush” for any of his excessive spending, and the left-wing media never gives him “credit” for “stimulating the economy”.

By splitting CBO estimates of Obama sponsored spending in Fiscal Year 2009, and the actual spending under Bush in the Fiscal Year 2009, it is evident that Obama’s (non-partisan Congressional Budget Office) predictions for his portion of FY ‘09 and ’10 exceed the entirety of spending throughout Bush’s eight years.

All of us place different liberties in different priorities. Many of us feel that economic liberty is the most important freedom of all, while others hold their civil (social) liberties most dearly. We all know that in theory, to achieve one or the other is nothing compared to returning to being a truly Free Society. Well it’s a slow process and patience is our biggest advantage,

Assume we have a Romney v. Obama ballot this November. Let’s forget about Obama’s dismal economic record and think about how his administration has affected our civil liberties. There are only three examples that convince me; the SOPA/PIPA debacle, NDAA giving him authority to assassinate/detain U.S. citizens without due process, and the soon to come CISPA (Cyber-Security based act that does more than protect). I know Bush hit us with the Patriot Act, but I don’t see Romney, or more particular Congress, doing anything that invasive without conservative AND liberal uproar.

You’ve guess it by now. I am writing this to encourage your vote not to be wasted, and not to contribute to the Obamanation debt state. There is only one alternative, VOTE R-Money. And yes, it sickens me to even consider this race without Congressman Ron Paul.

Again, there is a reason for this. The GOP has had a much larger age gap in elections than have the Democrats. That leaves the most local of GOP organizations can be taken over by “Blue Republicans”, “Ron Paul Republicans”, “Tea-Partiers”, and all the other masses of people that are sick and tired of this one-party system.

We cannot change the Republican Party platform until we become established members of the Party. The Ron Paul Revolution is only a battle, in the war for Freedom.

This is Operation: Infiltration

– Adam from theHumaneCondition.com

One thought on “OPERATION: INFILTRATION: The Future of Liberty is in the GOP

  1. I’m writing in RP. I get what you’re saying, and you’re probably right, but I can’t vote for the lesser of two evils.

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