War on Drugs.

End the War on Drugs!

  • Why? Does that mean I support, condone, or participate in the use/abuse of drugs? No! What I do support however is the principle of;
  • Self-Ownership. Nobody has the right to tell me what I can or cannot ingest. It is my body. I do not owe anybody anything, for the simple fact that I was born where I was born, and live where I live. Everyone is born with with these rights, someone once called them inalienable;
  • Liberty, individual liberty in all aspects of our lives. That is what our Constitution guarantees for us. The only thing between the American people and the Liberty we have all been promised by our forefathers and guaranteed by our perception of God, is;
  • Big Government is what we have. As cursed as it is true.
  • Force is the only way the government knows how to ‘combat’ the use of drugs, totally counter to the principles this country was founded upon, Freedom, Liberty, and the
  • Non-Aggression principle is what keeps us from bombing people into
  • Freedom is what the War on any inanimate object eventually destroys.

Perhaps a war on ‘Welfare’, corporate and family benefits, would result in decreased drug use.

Even the mainstream fat cats are getting this.

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