There is Truth in Every Lie; and the Motive just might tell it. is a primarily liberal leaning (Russia Today) news outfit. This video is full of truth but what bothers me is how obvious it was that former U.S. Intelligence Agent Raymond McGovern was convinced to repeatedly use Bush/Cheney and make no mention that there is no evidence that the U.S. has stopped any of these ‘extraordinary tactics’ since the Obama/Biden “alternative” has taken office. The motive of this lie is that ‘Russia Today’ shows blatant support for the several opposition parties to Putin. It is in the Republicrat’s best interest to bolsterour reputation among the Russian People, and thereby RT uses talking heads like the one featured here to put a spin on the facts, painting the ‘West’ as sympathetic to Putin’s rivals. This all adds up to less stable world for us all, and a vilified United States.

Welp, I guess that’s just politics. I trust our readers here are able to see through the basic “right/left” spin discussed during this clip, and instead focus on the issues of Libertarianism vs Tyranny.

That Liberty Tree Thomas Jefferson spoke of needs some water soon, and I think we know who the tyrants are.


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