How come Ron Paul makes so much sense?

Picture it now:

A “strong, Conservative (with a Capital C) Republican” watching the latest season of “SURVIVOR:RepublicanPresidentialNominationDebates and gets ‘super-pissed’ that Rick Perry was unable to even make it through a conservative moderated ‘conversation’.

Now, aforementioned Conservative scrambles for the remote to quickly find serenity in the soothing voices of Hannity, O’Reilly, or Limbaugh; but they are nowhere to be found. Now he lets out what can only be described as “Narci-lectual”* laughter  as he  finds relief in “so-obviously biased and stupid” Olbermann, Blitzer, Williams, blah blah blah…

I know, I know it’s a horrific image. Those names are interchangeable, too. Democrats seek relief with CNN, HuffPo, MSNBC, NYTimes, and Republicans seek relief with FOX, FBN, Drudge, Talk radio, etc…

*Narci-Lectual – A sort of laughter mixed with a deep scornful scoff created by an overflow of ‘Intellectual Narcissism’

There is some shred of good news in this observation. It’s plainly true because the Liberty movement is growing. People are hearing someone with a message that MAKES sense. It only takes a second to see the truth in the Liberty movement, but you have to have an open mind because we are not conditioned to recognize when our liberties are being infringed upon.

Well I know one man who’s been doing OUR job keeping us FREE for 30 some years. And now he’s running for President. His name is Ron Paul and THIS is why he makes so much sense;

“I’m saving the Republican Party from themselves”

“we need to stop these perpetual wars”

“A whole generation is awakening to the curtailing of the Federal Reserve”

“Free markets and sound money”

“We represent the future”

–          Ron Paul

“Drive-By” media as ‘Rush’ would say, give him no personal respect on live TV with the questions they ask, and how they present him. He still makes valid points and spreads the message with integrity, authority, and enthusiasm.

Ron Paul makes sense because he believes what he is saying. It’s easy to back up your opinion if it is formed based on principles and experience. Ron Paul is lacking in neither.


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