President Ron Paul’s ‘War on Welfare’ would be a more effective ‘War on Drugs’ than Prohibition

This article/interview could be considered racist, class warfare, inconsiderate, or downright mean; But for the fact that I have a primary source piece of audio. This is a combination of  interviews with people who, for their own protection, will remain anonymous. However, I will swear by this article as 100% truth.

I will try to post the audio on here after re-mixing the witnesses audio, but first I will provide bits and pieces of transcript (as approved by interviewee).

To give you a brief introduction as to the “qualifications” these subjects had on the effects of a welfare state, I will list a resume:

– Drug Addict

– Fmr. Drug Dealer

– Professional Welfare Fraudster

– ‘Community’ organizer who used his position to spread the word on “how f**king easy it is to get s**tloads of money from Uncle Sam”.

I’m sure throughout the article many other qualifications will become apparent.

To the Point:

The majority of information I received from this particular, and a small group of other interviewees, would be absolutely astonishing; Dare I say disgusting. I see thievery on behalf of the U.S. Government and its cash-spewing machine known and Ben Bernanke. Yes, that’s right, Bernanke is a machine.

Let us not omit one of the most obvious faults of the ‘War on Drugs’; The creation and sustainability of some of the world’s most notorious, violent and influential Drug Cartels, mainly south of our Border. I believe this is well-documented enough to deserve an entire book, not a blog article, so I will try not to bother you with the same reasons here. I am here to present this “War on Drugs” from another viewpoint, the Drug Addict as interprated by a Libertarian.

I asked this to an Addict/Dealer/Community Organizer , upon the very beginning of our day together…

To Be Continued…

3 thoughts on “President Ron Paul’s ‘War on Welfare’ would be a more effective ‘War on Drugs’ than Prohibition

    • It is being edited to protect anonymity, in fact I’m almost done with the first half, and it should be up in just a minute

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