E Pluribus, SCOTUS

Out of many, we get the Supreme Court of the United States.

The search for a Justice as wise and Liberty minded as the Former Ninth Circuit Federal Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano is even more difficult.

This video; Napolitano’s take on the SCOTUS arguments continuing into day 3 on 3/28/12; Is what you will hear, HERE, at thehumanecondition.com. I welcome responses of all points of view and hope to see them soon.

I will use this platform to promote Liberty, because SCOTUS needs major help, especially this year.

In Liberty,


Judge Napolitano, on Obamacare and it’s Constitutionality

One thought on “E Pluribus, SCOTUS

  1. And they cancelled this guy’s show? The march towards tyranny is gaining steam. We need to re-popularize our founders and this countries grand experiment in Liberty.

    In reference to the SCOTUS case, if you exclude politcs, it’s a no-brainer. NO MANDATE to ENTER a MARKET can be legally enforced with a penalty tax or otherwise punitive act. I mean did we really have our Justices discussing whether it was legal to force children to eat Broccoli?

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