Where do we go from St. Charles County Missouri?

We’re going to have to put the ‘Just War’ Theory on hold for the day. There are more pressing matters, and an exam on Tuesday :- ….

So what do we need to tell everyone today folks? Here are my thoughts:

Our freedoms are being trampled every day not just around the world, but here at home in the United States. i.e. The St. Charles County, Missouri Caucus for the 2012 Republican Nomination for President.

I will present the three most compelling bits of audio/video evidence that I have compiled at this point, in the following post.

After you take a look at the evidence I would appreciate any replies, comments, messages, or questions in order to make this a more interactive community. But most importantly, answer the question.

We will draw our own conclusions from primary sources alone… We will refine our conclusions together.

My intent is to inspire; an idea, a plan of action or reaction, but most importantly to raise awareness of a very “human” condition, Tyranny.

Where do we go from St. Charles County Missouri?

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