Is there an Anti-War party?

I know, I know, we have TWO political parties. But are they that different? The left used to be the peace party, and the right used to be the fiscally sane party. Well, now the Right has lost control of it’s checkbook, and the Left has become as warfare hungry as they have been welfare hungry.

This November, save a Ron Paul nomination, the American people will not have a CHANCE to vote against the invasion of Iran and/or Syria.

Republicrats, Statists, Socialists, Fascists…

Thomas Jefferson once said, referring to a ‘democracy’ – “It’s like having two wolves and a sheep, vote on what’s for dinner”.

We are a Republic. We have a Constitution that is being trampled by the will of the misinformed.

Is the real danger snake-oil politicians? Or misinformed voters?

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